I have been a bookworm for as long as I can remember. My mom homeschooled my sister and me, and part of our education was making trips to the library every 2 weeks like clockwork. My hometown has libraries EVERYWHERE, so wherever we lived, we knew there would be a library close by. My mom’s rule was this: We could check out as many books as we wanted, but at least 2 of them had to be “learning” books. So I would get books about dolphins and the stars and whatever else I wanted to learn about, then fill the rest of my head with the Sweet Valley Twins or Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown. The Baby Sitters Club even fit in there somewhere. I read ALL. THE. TIME. Then I grew up and life took over. I stopped reading as much. Then movies showed up in my life and I became a solid movie geek. I would watch ANYTHING you put in front of me. But books always kind of stayed in the background. Recently, I found a podcast that I’m sort of obsessed with, and through it I have rediscovered my love and obsession with books. So I’m reading again. And I chose to start this blog as a way of sharing my love of books with the world, and maybe helping change it a bit for the better through books. They changed my life, so they can probably change yours too. If you decide to let them.

I call myself The Picky Bookworm because while I love to read, I won’t read just anything. I have certain genres that I will shy from because I know I just won’t enjoy them. Historical fiction, for example, makes me go BLECH.

I have many different interests so I can’t spend my time reading a book that I can’t thoroughly enjoy. I plan on sharing other interests with you as well, so I hope you’re up for a little bit of ecclecticness in your life. I love movies, tv shows, audiobooks, video games….you name it, I probably have a small interest in it. I also love learning new things, so some of my book reviews will be on non-fiction books. I’m a self-care and self-help junkie, so be prepared for some of that too. You ready for the ride? Let’s go!

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The boring disclaimers: book images are either my own photos (when I can get a good one to turn out), Goodreads, or Google images. All opinions are my own, and all writing is my own, unless stated otherwise. For the time being, no links are affiliate links, but I hope to have some soon. Those purchases will give me a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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